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The Initiative for Promoting Affordable and Quality TB Tests (IPAQT) is a platform to bring RNTCP or WHO-approved tests at affordable prices to patients in the private sector. Under the Initiative, 132 private sector labs and other stakeholders have come together with a commitment to provide four quality tests for Tuberculosis (TB) at or below the following ‘ceiling prices’:

  • GeneXpert Test–Rs. 2,000
  • Hain Genotype Test–Rs. 1,600
  • MGIT Test–Rs. 900 for liquid culture and Rs. 2,800 for 5 DST
  • BacT/ALERT Test–Rs. 900

These four tests combine the advantages of accuracy and speed, both of which are of essence in the battle to combat TB. This disease affects 2 million people annually in India, and each undiagnosed and falsely diagnosed case spreads the disease in their family and their community. We believe that early diagnosis, followed by early treatment is the solution to this disease that even today, kills about 1000 Indians every 24 hours.

Objectives of the Initiative:
  • To facilitate the delivery of validated/endorsed tests to the TB patient at affordable prices.
  • To promote the use of validated/endorsed TB tests through a coordinated communications and behavior change effort to replace suboptimal tests and build awareness about the new, validated/endorsed tests among healthcare providers.

The IPAQT labs have a pan-India presence; with about 3000 collection centres, and an ever-expanding reach, we hope to reach patients all over the country. In addition to the 132 private sector labs that are committed to fight TB, the Initiative consists of various non-profit and academic bodies which have are opinion leaders in the field of TB diagnosis and treatment.

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